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What are Mobile2CRM advantages?

  • Get control of your sales - A lot is going on between your sales employees and your customers via their mobile phones. With Mobile2CRM you can get those insights that will help you to improve your sales team quality and productivity.

  • Get real time data from the field - Your employees' mobile calls and SMS's are automatically captured, recorded and logged into the CRM.  This enables you to review the field interactions and  manage disputes right on the spot.

  • Your CRM is always up to date - since the CRM logging is automatic, nothing is missing. You no longer need to count on your sales people to update the CRM system.

  • Improve your marketing campaigns conversion rates - you can assign your sales team people with special campaign numbers per specific marketing campaigns. Each customer interaction is logged into the CRM under the campaign's specified numbers. This way every customer call is returned, and you get all the information required  to measure the campaign's success. 

  • It works everywhere - no matter where your employees are located, no matter which network provider they are using, they can all work with Mobile2CRM and their mobile calls will be logged to your CRM system.

Why is it important to connect mobile calls to the CRM?

Today, employees are using mobile phones to interact with customers. Those interactions are missing from CRM systems. Therefore, your company has no way to control and evaluate those interactions. 
Once those interactions are connected to the CRM, your company can review the whole sales cycle, review calls to and from customers , analyze how well the customers are being managed and improve the sales processes respectively.

What if my company has employees working in different countries? Can they all work with Mobile2CRM?

Of-course. Our solution is global and works worldwide, regardless of the local network providers that your employees are using. The service works also in any trip and roaming situation.

What is my sales team required to do in order to log their activities into the CRM?

Nothing !
They need to download the Mobile2CRM  application and use the business profile for business calls. This is it.
All the calls they receive or issue via their business profile, will be automatically logged to the CRM.

How can mobile2crm help me to improve my sales?

In order to improve sales you need to have data. mobile2crm provides you important data that can help you analyze your sales processes and your sales team performance. 
With mobile2crm you get the data that you need in order to make sure that your sales processes and your sales messages are followed and understood by your sales employees. Having this data is the fundamental step for sales improvement.