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Driven by success

Mobile2CRM was established with the vision of empowering enterprises to utilize their mobile communication capabilities to increase their customers reach and revenues.

As a customer-facing company, with mobile sales people traveling all over the world, we found out that we had no insights into our sales team activities. Our traveling sales people are using their own mobile devices for customer interactions, but we could not track those important sales interactions.

We wanted to change this. We understood that if we could log and record  those valuable interactions , it would help us to analyze and improve our sales cycles. Since we have a team of communications experts, and since we already had parts of the technology in place, the way to Mobile2CRM was clear and simple.

We upgraded our existing technology for our own usage and got excellent  results.  Our sales team performance was improved dramatically.

We wanted to share this  great business opportunity with other companies and this is how Mobile2CRM was established.